Driving Culture Change

Do You Know Your Customers?

Companies that “decide to be there” learn customer’s aspirations, needs, and desires and become a part of their lives. This means being there for customers on their terms. A beloved company is remembered with fondness long after the children are grown, because for a time they were an important part of their customers’ lives.

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Five Decision Audit

Compare your company’s decisions to those made by beloved and prosperous companies. Take advantage of the online diagnostic: Do You Make the Five Decisions of Beloved Companies? Determine how close you are to becoming a company that earns devoted customers, devoted employees, and business growth.

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Defector Pipeline

When sales is the power core, the sales force is a well-oiled machine that knows how to target customers and close sales. To get customer experience traction, you need a meeting of the minds to gain agreement that you’re not only a customer acquisition company but also a customer retention company.

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How Real Are You?

Does your company connect with people in a human way? Leaders inside beloved companies give employees permission to be “real.” They provide the training that frees employees to solve customer problems.

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What Does Your Underbelly Say About You and Your Customers

The dark underbelly of how an industry feels about its customers is often revealed behind the scenes when colleagues talk to one another.

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It’s an everyday charge up the hill to be there for customers in ways that are important to them. The customer experience that beloved companies deliver is more than the execution of an operation plan and an organizational chart.

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Building a Partnership with Your Company's Power Core

Understanding your company’s power core is a crucial step in knowing how to proceed with your customer agenda. It will illuminate why, based on the core of power in your organization, you are able to accelerate some things and encounter obstacles on others when it comes to customers. The power core is an unusually strong yet often unspoken force. Never underestimate the power of its pull.

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When customers love you for what you do and how you do it, they will tell your story. They want others to know about your company, your decisions and your actions. Customers who love you will market for your company more powerfully than you can possibly market yourself.

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Five Decisions of Beloved Companies

Beloved companies know they are defined in the fleeting moments of a customer interaction. In a world that is spinning so fast, we crave what the beloved companies deliver. Beloved companies share five active and purposeful decisions which inform and motivate their conduct.


Make Decisions Requires Asking Questions and Hearing Answers

Making the right decisions to tell a story you’re proud of begins with holding up a mirror to yourself and your organization.
You need to ask the right questions to review your current decisions and understand the story the decisions reveal about you today.