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Believe Your Customers

by Jeanne Bliss on October 16, 2014

in Decide to Believe

Trust the Integrity of Your Customers

As tempting as it is to debate customers to uphold a policy to the letter of the law, suspend the cynicism and work to believe your customers. Most are going to honestly relay what is happening to them. Work to eliminate the question of doubt about your customer’s integrity. It will do wonders for the attitude and actions that your frontline brings to their interactions with customers.

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Your Actions Tell the Story

by Jeanne Bliss on September 18, 2014

in Driving Culture Change

Your Actions Tell the Story

Beloved companies know the fleeting moments of a customer exchange are also the moments that demonstrate how they value the customer contact. The actions that come from your decisions will always indicate what you value. What is the story that the collective decisions of your organization are telling your customers, employees, and the marketplace?

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Make Decisions Requires Asking Questions and Hearing Answers

Making the right decisions to tell a story you’re proud of begins with holding up a mirror to yourself and your organization. You need to ask the right questions to review your current decisions, and then understand the story your decisions reveal about you today.

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The Power of Clarity of Purpose

Many companies resist the pull of “normal” business practices to create a powerful human connection with their customers. They are able to do this because clarity of purpose binds everyone together and moves the company toward a common goal.

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Are You Leaving Customer Memories to Chance? Decide with Clarity

Are you leaving customer memories to chance? Beloved companies identify the experiences they deliver. They know the memory they want customers to have, make decisions to create it, and take action to prepare their people and operations to deliver it.

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Customer Experience Bookends

When you map out the customer experience stages, step away from ‘executing tasks’ and focus on the customer experience you want to deliver. To plan reliable delivery, you must know the customer emotions involved in the experience from beginning to end. If you deliver great personalized service, but parking is a nightmare, you still have a hurdle to clear.

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Build Reliability into Your Experience

The interactions your customers have with your company show them how much thought you put into the moments of truth. Be operationally deliberate and “get it right.” You must clear the hurdle of random experiences and deliver reliability.

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Power Core and CX Competencies

Successful customer handoffs require a chain of actions across the enterprise. These actions need to create a reliable experience for the customer.
Your company’s power core develops certain skills and pays less attention to others, so it has an impact on the ease at which cross-company CX competencies can be developed and integrated.

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Decide to Say Sorry - Can You Bake a Humble Pie?

The delivery of products and services — and in many cases, the creation of them — is a human activity. Because we are human, we have good days and bad days. Customers get that more than companies give them credit. When things escalate, it’s often because the blunders seem to be purposefully swept under the rug, and a company doesn’t genuinely apologize and work to make things better.

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Three Actions to Earn Back Customer Trust

When you apologize, is it genuine? Is this your finest hour? Saying sorry is about accepting accountability. You repair the connection with humility and remorse.