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Product Power Core

Great sales organizations have perfected the way to get customer feedback efficiently into the pipeline and know how to turn it into actionable steps. However, the connectivity between the sale and the overall customer experience can be an Achilles’ heel. The company needs to commit to customer retention, not just acquisition.

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Is Technology Your Power Core?

by Jeanne Bliss on December 4, 2014

in Know Your Power Core

When IT is the Power Core

The great vulnerability is in the decision-making process to determine a priority. Most processes for getting IT funding aren’t comprehensive to the point of seeing how the pieces connect to form the business. There is no glue bringing the silos together to connect the operations.

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CCO Coach_experience reliability

Your ability to be there and deliver experience reliability gives your customers a story to tell in social media. Make the moments of truth a positive story that your customers can tell others.

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Worth Repeating: Are You There for Customers?

by Jeanne Bliss on November 18, 2014

in Decide to Be There

Decision to Be There_Jeanne Bliss - Customer Bliss

The interactions customers have with a company prove how much thought and planning were put into these key touch points. Reliability fuels customer stories about experiences with the companies they love.

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Let the Front Line be Human

by Jeanne Bliss on November 13, 2014

in Decide to Be Real

Let the Front Line be Human

Let the front line be human. Give them the skills for listening and understanding, and help the frontline deliver to the customer based on the needs of the customer.

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The Apology Peace Process _ Decide to Say Sorry

Apologizing well for operational gaffes, service blunders, and widespread missteps drives company prosperity because these apologies, when done well, strengthen the bond between customer and company.

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Take Action- Practice Wild Empathy

Giving people permission and good examples for how to empathize will provide comfort to your customers, and also to your employees who may also feel the pinch.

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Believe Your Customers

by Jeanne Bliss on October 16, 2014

in Decide to Believe

Trust the Integrity of Your Customers

As tempting as it is to debate customers to uphold a policy to the letter of the law, suspend the cynicism and work to believe your customers. Most are going to honestly relay what is happening to them. Work to eliminate the question of doubt about your customer’s integrity. It will do wonders for the attitude and actions that your frontline brings to their interactions with customers.

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Your Actions Tell the Story

by Jeanne Bliss on September 18, 2014

in Driving Culture Change

Your Actions Tell the Story

Beloved companies know the fleeting moments of a customer exchange are also the moments that demonstrate how they value the customer contact. The actions that come from your decisions will always indicate what you value. What is the story that the collective decisions of your organization are telling your customers, employees, and the marketplace?

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Make Decisions Requires Asking Questions and Hearing Answers

Making the right decisions to tell a story you’re proud of begins with holding up a mirror to yourself and your organization. You need to ask the right questions to review your current decisions, and then understand the story your decisions reveal about you today.

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