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Decide to Say Sorry - Can You Bake a Humble Pie?

The delivery of products and services — and in many cases, the creation of them — is a human activity. Because we are human, we have good days and bad days. Customers get that more than companies give them credit. When things escalate, it’s often because the blunders seem to be purposefully swept under the rug, and a company doesn’t genuinely apologize and work to make things better.

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Three Actions to Earn Back Customer Trust

When you apologize, is it genuine? Is this your finest hour? Saying sorry is about accepting accountability. You repair the connection with humility and remorse.

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Jeanne Bliss on BrightTALK

Jeanne’s BrightTALK chat on how five decisions make a company beloved.

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Decide to Be There - For Junk Removal

1-800-GOT-JUNK? is based on the fundamental idea of “being there.” By considering how people usually experience the household chore of removing junk and offering them the alternative of a reliable service experience, 1-800-GOT-JUNK? has become the largest junk hauling company in the world.

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How Proactive Are You?

If you want to be the best in customer service, then you need to be proactive about customer recovery. You can’t wait for customers to tell you about a problem. You need to be ahead of them everyday to find the problem and fix it. This means having a proactive recovery plan.

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Southwest Classic Ad - Deciding to be Real

The communication is so unexpected that the messages a beloved company sends take on a viral life of their own. Humility, humor, and almost always, lack of pretense or protocol define personal interactions with people inside the beloved companies, because they have been encouraged to be themselves.

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Do You Know Your Customers?

Companies that “decide to be there” learn customer’s aspirations, needs, and desires and become a part of their lives. This means being there for customers on their terms. A beloved company is remembered with fondness long after the children are grown, because for a time they were an important part of their customers’ lives.

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Five Decision Audit

Compare your company’s decisions to those made by beloved and prosperous companies. Take advantage of the online diagnostic: Do You Make the Five Decisions of Beloved Companies? Determine how close you are to becoming a company that earns devoted customers, devoted employees, and business growth.

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Defector Pipeline

When sales is the power core, the sales force is a well-oiled machine that knows how to target customers and close sales. To get customer experience traction, you need a meeting of the minds to gain agreement that you’re not only a customer acquisition company but also a customer retention company.

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How Real Are You?

Does your company connect with people in a human way? Leaders inside beloved companies give employees permission to be “real.” They provide the training that frees employees to solve customer problems.

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