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Decide to Believe - Belief as Competency

“I believe you” are three of the most powerful words in business because they send a message: “We trust our customers and we trust our employees.” When embraced in business, “I believe you” unleash optimism, enthusiasm, imagination, and growth. Decisions grounded in belief prove how much you honor customers and employees.

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Customer Experience Bookends - Evaluate Your Level of Clarity

Are you deliberate in the memories you deliver at the beginning and ending moments of customer contact? To plan reliable delivery, you must know the customer emotions involved in the experience from beginning to end. If you deliver great personalized service, but parking is a nightmare, you still have a hurdle to clear.

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Are You a Company of Believers?

by Jeanne Bliss on January 27, 2015

in Decide to Believe

Are You a Company of Believers?

The actions of belief, such as trusting and honoring employees and customers, bonds people to a company. Believing is a unique and special characteristic that sets beloved companies apart. It makes them human.

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Customers as Assets - Belief and Investment Equal Growth

Customers are assets to be cared for and nurtured. Beloved companies are always aware of how their assets are growing or shrinking. Knowing the value of a long term customer guides decisions on how a company welcomes new customers and develops existing customer relationships. The formula for success is Belief + Investing = Growth.

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Decide to Say Sorry _ The Peace Process

When a beloved company apologizes for something that goes wrong, the intent and motivation is to make customers whole—to earn the right to continue the relationship. Their genuine apology transforms into an opportunity that enables customers to think, “Who else would respond this way?”

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When Things Go Wrong

Apologies to customers get tossed about freely when things go wrong. But there’s more to an apology than “I’m sorry,” there’s a foundation that supports it and actions that repair the emotional connection. Does your apology have the essential components that give it meaning?

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Your Story in 2014

How you choose to correct something that goes wrong, how steadfast you are in delivering the goods, ensuring quality, and giving people what they want – these actions expose what you value.

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Product Power Core

Great sales organizations have perfected the way to get customer feedback efficiently into the pipeline and know how to turn it into actionable steps. However, the connectivity between the sale and the overall customer experience can be an Achilles’ heel. The company needs to commit to customer retention, not just acquisition.

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Is Technology Your Power Core?

by Jeanne Bliss on December 4, 2014

in Know Your Power Core

When IT is the Power Core

The great vulnerability is in the decision-making process to determine a priority. Most processes for getting IT funding aren’t comprehensive to the point of seeing how the pieces connect to form the business. There is no glue bringing the silos together to connect the operations.

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CCO Coach_experience reliability

Your ability to be there and deliver experience reliability gives your customers a story to tell in social media. Make the moments of truth a positive story that your customers can tell others.

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