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Listen and then Repeat

by Jeanne Bliss on June 30, 2015

in CX Competency, Listening

implement customer listening accountability - cco coach

The beginning of an interaction can be the time when customers will want to vent. Let them. Customers want validation. Listen and then repeat to the customer what they said.

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CX Competency 2 - Align Operations Around CX Design

The moments of truth enlighten the organization to understand the stages that form their interaction with their customers. They push the organization to create a common language and framework for understanding the touch points with the customer that cross the organization.

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Customer Listening - CCO Coach - experience reliabiity

Often when a company talks about “listening” to customers, that notion is immediately collapsed into a “voice of the customer” (VOC) program. That’s not the action I am referring to. Customer listening is a critical competency of customer experience reliability.

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Align Annual Planning for Customer Experience Relevance

Without common accountability targets, actions will continue to be planned tactically, based on the individual annual plans of the silos. Companies need an ongoing roadmap to define where they want to make progress in customer profitability, customer loyalty, and customer experience delivery.

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Where Are You Now - Managing Customers as Assets

Managing customers as assets is about simple customer math: Incoming Customers minus Outgoing Customers = Net Growth or Loss. It’s the first step to “customer experience reliability,” so how well does your company do it?

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Repairing the emotional connection has conditions_say sorry

Learn the story of how you say, “Sorry.” Beloved companies don’t consider the job done until the emotional connection with customers is restored. They make it right. They turn “recovery” into an opportunity that says to customers, “Who else would respond this way?”

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Customer Room Addresses Four Challenges

Silos need to make cross-functional collaboration a part of all they do to ensure that the handoffs across the organization are executed for optimum customer interactions. As a leader, you’ll need to ask the questions constantly about whether people are engaging in this important collaboration. The accountability forum that highlights these issues is the customer room, which brings the organization together to think “experience” rather than “my silo.”

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To prevent customer experience breakdown, you need an enterprise view of what is being delivered and a way to bring the pieces together in the development and execution of the customer experience. If you find you’re constantly fixing customer issues, you need to ensure you’re fixing the company at the same time you’re fixing the customer issues.

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How Real Are You? Decide to be Real

Beloved companies aren’t afraid to be themselves. They give employees permission to drop the “corporate veneer.” They encourage employees to take the best version of themselves to work and into their relationships with customers. Setting the tone to “be real” are often the leaders inside these companies, who make it okay for everyone to do the same.

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Vanilla Communication 1

Would you want to read your company emails, packing slips and bills?You’ve defined the stages of the experience and the moments of truth that comprise all of the experience touch points. So, where are you with your communication to your customers?

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