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CX competency 5 - One Company CX Leadership

Competency #5 is about communication, leadership and organizational dynamics. The most successful customer experience companies address the customer experience across the silos.

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Customer Leaders Must Have Guts

by Jeanne Bliss on July 22, 2014

in Customer Experience Toolkit

6 Actions of Salmon Leadership - Leaders with Guts

It’s easy for leaders to say they want to focus on the customer. But most do it without knowing what they’re signing up for. Some don’t realize that they need to personally have skin in the game. This work won’t budge from hand wave to action without two leadership attributes: gut and guts.

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Customer Hand-offs Require Silo Collaboration

Silo dysfunction is the inability or lack of collaboration inside the corporate machine to link together what it does for and to the customer. Customers are lost in the handoffs between your departments and you lose sight of them when they fall in the cracks between the silos. One of the hardest skills will be for the company to learn how to work cross-functionally.

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Customer Loss Review

You need to know the reasons why customers left so you can drive change across the business. A Customer Loss Review meeting establishes a reliable discussion for identifying customer defection issues and involves executives in speaking to customers who left.

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Customer Room Configuration

Counting on a leader to naturally switch from driving the business from a quarterly sales perspective one day to thinking all things “customer” the next is pretty delusional. You need an accountability forum that forces the issue with leaders on what they did and how they did it. The most rewarding accountability forum is the customer room, which brings the organization together to think “experience” rather than “my silo.”

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An important element of driving accountability for customer profitability is how strategic the organization is about determining and executing customer accountability targets. Consistently defining the customer experience in stages, moments of truth, priority contacts and silo connectivity for optimum experience delivery is by far the most complex part of managing customer accountability.

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Customer Experience Reliability

To prevent customer experience breakdown, you need an enterprise view of what is being delivered and a way to bring the pieces together in the development and execution of the customer experience.

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CX Competency 4 - Customer Experience Reliability

You must clear the hurdle of random experiences and set the foundation in product and service reliability (“They get it right”) before you move on to building a personal relationship with customers that has them telling others: “They know me” and “I recommend them.”

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CX Competency 3: Customer Listening

Every day customers tell you about what’s broken and what’s getting in the way of their wanting to do more business with you.
Every day thousands of comments and feedback come in through your company pipes. But are you tracking it, prioritizing it and attaching accountability by area to the problems?

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7 Inhibitors to Customer Experience Success

To make sure your customer experience work stays on track, you need to constantly manage seven inhibitors of customer experience success.

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