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Five Actions to Grow Your Business

by Jeanne Bliss on September 11, 2014

in CCO Role & Success Factors

5 Actions for Chief Customer Officer to Take to Grow the Business

If you are in the business of serving customers, now is the time to create opportunities to grow your business. Listed are five actions that will bring you dividends in business, goodwill and customer recommendations.

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Customer Experience Continuum for Companies

When you have established a reliable experience, it is more natural to create cross-company teams for rebuilding aspects of the experience because cross-company metrics are being used. The payoff is worth all the past efforts. Because the organization has accomplished the process work and customer-facing metrics, they’ll understand how to rethink through the customer experience and create the differentiated experience

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Decisions that Earn Customer Love

by Jeanne Bliss on September 4, 2014

in I Love You More Than My Dog

Intent and Motivation

When your intent (what you want to accomplish) and your motivation (the reason why you make your decision) are driven by awareness of and empathy for the people impacted by your decisions, the outcomes will set you apart. The humanity and empathy of your decisions will connect you emotionally with customers. And those customers will grow your business by telling the story of their experiences to everyone they know.

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Customer Experience Reliability

Managing customers as assets is the first step to “customer experience reliability,” so how well does your company do it? Customer math (Incoming Customers minus Outgoing Customers = Net Growth or Loss) will tell you the outcome of the experience you are delivering to customers.

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Committing to Customer Management

by Jeanne Bliss on August 28, 2014

in Customer Experience Toolkit

First Year of CCO_What to Assess and Meausre

Companies that wire in customer management from the beginning knit the discipline into the organizational DNA. Retrofitting it is always a challenge, especially when strong disciplines of functional excellence exist. Its critical to maintain focus and provide clarity as you move through the activities required to drive the management of customer relationships, profitability and revenue.

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The Power of Clarity of Purpose

Many companies resist the pull of “normal” business practices to create a powerful human connection with their customers. They are able to do this because clarity of purpose binds everyone together and moves the company toward a common goal.

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Structuring the Chief Customer Officer Role and Team

Once a company determines determines the CX influencer strength (where the CCO will report), its time to identify what structure will work best within the organization based on commitment and resources. The structure must enable CX leadership to influence change and drive action. There are four ways to go with organizational structure.

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CCO Execution Chasm_ Customer Service and Marketing

To bridge the execution chasm, the Chief Customer Officer reporting relationship should be established after careful consideration of three factors in your company: 1. leader commitment;
2. understanding of the mission; 3. ability to work cross functionally.
The strength of an operating area’s ability to be an influencer in the company should drive the decision.

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Are You Leaving Customer Memories to Chance? Decide with Clarity

Are you leaving customer memories to chance? Beloved companies identify the experiences they deliver. They know the memory they want customers to have, make decisions to create it, and take action to prepare their people and operations to deliver it.

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Customer Experience Bookends

When you map out the customer experience stages, step away from ‘executing tasks’ and focus on the customer experience you want to deliver. To plan reliable delivery, you must know the customer emotions involved in the experience from beginning to end. If you deliver great personalized service, but parking is a nightmare, you still have a hurdle to clear.

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